Black Bridge

Clive, Eddie, Sammy, Tracey, Gomer and Adrian , a close-knit group of "headbanging" friends all have an equal passion for Heavy Metal music, partying and experimenting with the occult and supernatural. When the mutilated body of murdered 12 year-old Mikey Gay (brother of the Hellrats' feared, trouble-making gang-leader Vinny) surfaces in Sammy's "Satanic Enshrined" bedroom, all six become prime suspects in the murder. Did one of the six teenagers take their interests in Black Magic a little too far? Or was Mikey murdered at the hands of someone else? This coming of age tale represents a different side of the 80's that has never been chronicled until now...

Drama / Comedy / Coming of Age, 2006, Black & White, 108 Minutes

Kevin Doherty (IMDB)
Adam Smoluk (IMDB) , Raimey Gallant (IMDB) , Jason Malloy (IMDB) , Mike Silver (IMDB) , Jennifer Pudavick (IMDB) , James Clayton (IMDB) , Orlando Carriera (IMDB) , David Stuart Evans (IMDB) , Spencer Maybee (IMDB) , Mike Cunningham (IMDB)
Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama
Feature Film