Bunky Blum and The Talking Train

Bunky Blum is picked on in school and bullied relentlessly by the other kids. During lunch hours he and his mentally ill Mother visit a 83 year old train, now a caged monument in the center of a children's park. The train talks to Bunky who believes that the train will break out of its confines and save him from the bullies of the schoolyard.

Drama / Dark Comedy / Horror, 2008, Colour, 14 Minutes

Stephan Recksiedler (IMDB)
Linden Porcio (IMDB) , Claire Thomas (IMDB) , Kirt Bobbi (IMDB) , Reegan McCheyne (IMDB) , Emily Nikkel (IMDB) , Chris Cichelly (IMDB) , Deserae Folwark (IMDB) , Gloria Nikkel (IMDB) , Terresa Robinson (IMDB) , Dan Kern (IMDB)
Drama, Horror
Short Film