Cannibalism: A New Taste In Style

In the near future ceilings have been replaced by omnipresent TV's. In the mass media Cannibalism is being hyped as the latest trend in people's day to day lives. Ma, Pa and Wilberforce are your typical North American family. They are obese, over consuming and have a big screen TV on their kitchen ceiling. Life doesn't change much for this family unit, Pa goes to his job at the meat shop, Ma works her dead end job and lately Wilberforce has been staying at home because he is sick. However, when Wilberforce suggests eating Pa for dinner ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Horror, Comedy, Satire, 2004, Colour, 20 Minutes

David Zellis (IMDB)
Millie Lewis (IMDB) , Edward Sutton (IMDB) , Mike Moroz (IMDB)
Comedy, Horror
Short Film