Intel is the story of Allison, a young woman who joined the army and became a dental hygienist. Allison is sick and tired of her job and would like to switch to the more exciting trade of intelligence officer. However, her family is not as supportive as she had hoped they would be. Is it worth risking her marriage and disappointing her mother? What will it really be like to hold a job that doesn't allow you to tell anyone where you are or what you are doing?

Drama / Thriller, 2012, Colour, 6 Minutes

Talia Pura (IMDB)
John Bluethner (IMDB) , Aaron Hughes (IMDB) , Alf Kollinger (IMDB) , Susanna Portnoy (IMDB) , Talia Pura (IMDB) , Hillarie Putnam (IMDB) , Ali Tataryn (IMDB) , Tyhr Trubiak (IMDB) , Jeff Wahl (IMDB)
Drama, Thriller
Short Film