Savannah Electric

Synopsis: On a post-apocalyptic world, a mobile desert factory (Savannah Electric) run by the first thinking machine (The Benefactor), scavenges the last remnants of civilization. Amidst the ecological blight, a clone worker (Gerit Stone) attempts to escape the grip of the machine and psycho-addictive virtual reality device (The SuperInducer), in a half-conscious attempt to regenerate the frontier into what it had once been. In response, The Benefactor dispatches a bounty hunter (H. A. Roc) to eliminate the rogue worker before he can succeed.

Sci-Fi, 1985, Colour, 75 Minutes

Perry Mark Stratychuk (IMDB)
Jack Urbanski (IMDB) , Jack Salzberg (IMDB) , Peter McDonald (IMDB) , Armand Baptist (IMDB) , Dean V. Beckman (IMDB) , Dave Hologrosky (IMDB)
Feature Film